How Interior Paint Color Can Impact Your Home's AppearanceHow Interior Paint Color Can Impact Your Home's Appearance

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How Interior Paint Color Can Impact Your Home's Appearance

Just like many people, I spent a lot of time looking at paint chips and samples when I wanted to paint the interior of my home. I wanted the color to be perfect. But, what I didn't realize at the time is that you need to look at more than how you feel about the color. Did you know a dark color can make a room seem cozier? And a light paint color can make a room feel larger and brighter? This is just one tip that you need to keep in mind when selecting colors. The right paint color can influence how you perceive your home, can affect your mood and can influence the feel of a space. This website will focus on tips that will help you select the right paint colors to make the most of the features your home has to offer.

Company Investing IN A Pole Mounted Transformer? Information You Should Learn First

If your company is investing in a pole mounted transformer, you need to learn some information about these transformers before you have one installed. To help, below is information about what a pole mounted transformer is, as well as details on the different types available.

Pole Mounted Transformer

A service transformer provides voltage when electrical power is being distributed. It causes the voltage to step down as the consumer uses electricity. There are many ways service transformers can be mounted. One of these ways is on a utility pole, which is why they are called pole mounted transformers.

Types of Pole Mounted Transformers

When it comes to types of pole mounted transformers this refers to the voltage range supplied by the transformer. The range of voltage used will depend on where the transformer is located. For example, a high voltage range will be needed if the pole mounted transformer is installed in an area that has high electrical usage. This could be in a construction area that uses a lot of heavy construction equipment, an industrial park where many businesses are located, or in a neighborhood that has a lot of homes that require power. A high voltage transformer can also provide voltage across longer distances when compared to other types.

Another type of transformer is known as the medium voltage. This type is often installed in residential neighborhoods, areas that have schools, around shopping malls, or around mobile home parks. When looking at this type of transformer you will find it is generally housed in a box, which is generally black or green. This box provides protection to the transformer.

Lastly, there are low voltage pole mounted transformers available. You will also hear this referred to magnetic voltage pole mounted transformers. This type of transformer is not commonly used as it does not provide enough power for most things. However, if you live in an area that does not use a lot of electricity or only need electricity that powers low voltage items, this may work well for you. If you choose this type, you will find they can be mounted in a variety of configurations and the transformer is generally much smaller when compared to high or medium pole mounted transformers.

You will not install the pole mounted transformer on your own, but it can still be helpful to learn a little about them. If you have more questions, the installer can answer them for you or the electrician that will likely be on your property during the installation.