How Interior Paint Color Can Impact Your Home's AppearanceHow Interior Paint Color Can Impact Your Home's Appearance

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How Interior Paint Color Can Impact Your Home's Appearance

Just like many people, I spent a lot of time looking at paint chips and samples when I wanted to paint the interior of my home. I wanted the color to be perfect. But, what I didn't realize at the time is that you need to look at more than how you feel about the color. Did you know a dark color can make a room seem cozier? And a light paint color can make a room feel larger and brighter? This is just one tip that you need to keep in mind when selecting colors. The right paint color can influence how you perceive your home, can affect your mood and can influence the feel of a space. This website will focus on tips that will help you select the right paint colors to make the most of the features your home has to offer.

2 Common Garage Door Problems That Are Easy To Solve

Oh no! Your garage door is broken. This can be really frustrating whether your garage door is stuck open or closed. More importantly, the problem might be something that you very well could easily fix yourself. This can help in many ways, as it can get your garage door working again in short order as well as save you a service call. So, before you make that repair call, you need to make sure you troubleshoot potential problems:

Troubleshooting Non-responsive Motor Units

Having a motor fail is one of the most common problems with garage doors, which is not surprising, since it is the powerhouse that allows the door to function. As such, there are some basic steps to take before you decide that the motor is in need of a repairman.

The simplest thing to try is turn the motor's power supply off, wait fifteen minutes, and then turn it back on. This can help clear out a unit that is stuck trying to process a command, which may allow it to respond again.

Another common place to check is to make sure there isn't something wrong with your remote. Here you should check all the basics, such as checking the battery life and making sure your remote doesn't have its lock on. If this doesn't work you should consult your manual and try resetting the the remote, as there is a small chance that it has simply become deprogrammed.

If neither of these checks work, then there probably is something wrong with the motor that you'll need a repairman for. 

Your Door Keeps Opening And Closing At Random

This problem can be rather confusing as well. You may find your garage door opening and closing on its own. This can be due to a faulty remote which might be in need of replacement. After powering down the remote if the door continues to act on it's own then you should move on to checking the reverse mechanism.

The reverse mechanism can get confused if its sensor is dirty. This can make the mechanism act strangely, as it will constantly try to open or close the door. To fix this problem, all you really need to do is get a clean, wet cloth and wipe off the eye of the sensor and check to make sure there are no other obstructions. 

So, if you're experiencing either of the common problems above, there is a good chance you can fix them yourself, which will save you time and money when compared to hiring a garage door repair professional.