How Interior Paint Color Can Impact Your Home's AppearanceHow Interior Paint Color Can Impact Your Home's Appearance

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How Interior Paint Color Can Impact Your Home's Appearance

Just like many people, I spent a lot of time looking at paint chips and samples when I wanted to paint the interior of my home. I wanted the color to be perfect. But, what I didn't realize at the time is that you need to look at more than how you feel about the color. Did you know a dark color can make a room seem cozier? And a light paint color can make a room feel larger and brighter? This is just one tip that you need to keep in mind when selecting colors. The right paint color can influence how you perceive your home, can affect your mood and can influence the feel of a space. This website will focus on tips that will help you select the right paint colors to make the most of the features your home has to offer.

Keeping Your Glass Shower Doors Sparkling Clean

Taking a shower with soap is a necessity, but it really gets in the way of keeping your glass shower doors clean. Soap scum buildup makes your shower door look dirty, so regular cleaning is essential. There are numerous ways to get rid of unsightly soap scum, but there are also techniques you can employ to keep scummy buildup from returning in the future.

White Vinegar

The acid in white vinegar essentially melts the soap scum so you can easily wipe it off the glass. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and liberally spray your shower door. Leave the vinegar to sit for a few minutes and then wipe the soap scum off. Depending on how much soap scum there is on the door, it might take a repeat application to fully remove any trace. As an added bonus, white vinegar leaves a streak-free shine so your door looks as good as new.

Baking Soda

Mix a half cup or so of baking soda with just enough water to create a gritty paste. Using a rag, gently rub the baking soda paste onto the shower door. This will take a bit of elbow grease, but the gritty texture of the baking soda will help loosen and remove soap scum. Rinse the entire door with water and then reapply in any areas where stubborn soap scum is still holding on.

Conventional Cleaners

There are many conventional cleaners on the market that claim to help you remove stubborn soap scum. These can be quite effective at removing the soap scum, but be sure to read the application and use directions carefully.

Preventing Soap Scum Buildup

Buy a water squeegee and put it somewhere in your shower or bathroom. After every shower, take the squeegee and sluice the water off the shower door. Any soap residue, dead skin cells and bacteria that would normally have combined to form soap scum will be washed down the drain instead. Leave the shower doors open so they can completely dry, as well. A weekly spray of white vinegar after the shower door has dried is another effective way to cut down on how much soap scum builds up on the door.

A Helpful Tip

Plan to clean soap scum off the doors after you've taken a hot shower. The steam will help loosen the soap scum so it's easier to remove. If cleaning after you take a shower seems counterproductive, run the hot water for a few minutes before cleaning the shower doors.

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